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Who are we?

Leopash MediaTM is a company that is highly competent in branding businesses for the 21st century. We aren’t just a conventional branding/marketing firm, our knowledgebase transcends into business development, so we don’t just create aesthetically pleasing brands – we create functional and economically viable businesses.

What drives us?

We are passionate about small and medium enterprises and as such are dedicated to assisting SME’s create powerful and influential brands; ergo, enabling them to attain their corporate goals.

Our Capabilities

We possess both the strategic and technical knowhow needed to develop an influential brand. Our core competencies range from market research, branding, web development and App development. Not only are we well-versed in the aforementioned competencies, we also offer internationally relevant services that help ensure that our clients' brands aren’t only viable locally but can be scaled internationally and still remain culturally relevant.

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Leopash Media | We build businesses for the 21st century

We build


"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"- Simon Sinek.

Branding allows a company to tell the story of why they do what they do using both visual and strategic elements that work in synergy to create the overall perception of a business. We help our clients build influential brands.

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We help clients promote and manage the image of their brands through marketing activities. Every brand needs an audience and marketing is a means of attaining and retaining this audience.

Not only is marketing good for building audiences and/or customers, It's also a great way of gauging the effectiveness and efficiency of your product/service offering against the needs and wants of your target consumers.

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Web & App development

We help our clients find their position within the digital space through the development of functional websites and applications. Having a digital presence is of paramount importance in the 21st century, not only does this help attain new customers, it also helps build customer loyalty through continuous engagement.

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We brand businesses for the 21st century.

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