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    Brand identity design


    Client: Daluxolo Shivambu & Associates
    Client CEO: Daluxolo Shivambu
    Creative Director: Mpumelelo Maphasha
    Assets contributed by: Fauxels, RF Studio


    Daluxolo Shivambu & Associates is a social development organisation that aims to change the future through the formulation of innovations. Their product/service offerings range from personal development books, coaching & mentoring as well as personal development seminars.


    Client Brief

    The client wanted to create a logo that would best represent their organisation, they wanted something corporate, professional, memorable and internationally scalable while still being relatable to the South African market.


    We first established an aesthetic vocabulary to ensure that we could encapsulate all the clients specifications into the design. Some of the words we identified in our aesthetic vocabulary were: solid, memorable, simple, corporate, professional and scalable. From there we started working on the color palette for the logo design, we decide to go with a blue color scheme. This was due to the the fact that studies show that the color blue is associated with depth and stability, it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. All these symbols fit well with the company.


    The logo isn’t only clean and elegant looking but is also comprised of symbolic elements. We added a set of steps, these symbolise progress or development, the waves below the steps continue this symbolism by depicting waves of change which are inline with the objective of the organisation (i.e. creating development /change through the development of innovative solutions). Also the typeface we used as one that depicted a high level of professionalism and elegance while maintaining simplicity.


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