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    Client: Field Focus Research
    Client CEO: Enency Mbatha
    Creative Director: Mpumelelo Maphasha
    Assets contributed by: Alex Qian, Fauxels


    Field Focus Research is a research entity founded in the year 1997 by Enency Mbatha (an internationally acclaimed data specialist.) They specialize in data collection, data coding and data capturing. The company is 100% black and woman owned and aims to provide world class social data-collection services using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies while exercising our commitment to affirmative action.


    Client Brief

    The client wanted to build a website that would communicate the core competencies of their business. They also wanted this website to be modern, responsive and aesthetically pleasing, all while being informative and functional. The client also wanted us to ensure that this website was correctly optimized for search engines in order to secure high rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


    Before we started writing any lines of code, we had to step back and conceptualize an idea for how the final website would look like. So we began by drawing a wireframe model of the website. This wireframe model would serve as the blueprint for the website. The great thing about this approach is that it allows us to quickly and easily visualize the end product so we can show the client without investing too many resources. After the wireframe model was complete we then showed it to the client, requested feedback and applied this feedback to the wireframe. We repeated this process a couple of times until the client was happy with the wireframe.


    We applied all the feedback we got from the client during the conceptualization stage. For the color palette, we decided to use colours that would match the client’s logo. We then created amazing vibrant gradients from these color palettes in order to creating a modern design. To ensure that the website’s content was informative without bombarding the user, we made use of infographics. These graphics also added to the vibrant and modern aesthetic we tasked with developing. The result is a beautiful website that is also informative and functional.


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    Ready to start a project?

    Let us help you take your business to the next level.

    Book a free discovery session with our Creative Director to discuss how we can help your business reach new heights.


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