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    Client: Phenom Unlimited
    Client CEO: Fumani Mahlale
    Creative Director: Mpumelelo Maphasha
    Partner Agency: Kharivhe Marketing Solutions
    Assets contributed by: Maria Sobh, Fauxels, Simon Henke


    Phenom is an online music platform built for the African indie market. Phenom aims to create a premium experience for lovers of African indie music while ensuring that the creators of this music are sufficiently compensated for their creations. The platform serves as both a music store and streaming service, combining both these worlds to provide optimal experience for both lovers and creators of music


    Client Brief

    The client wanted a brand that represented artistry in the African market while maintaining a premium corporate feel which would aid them in the positioning of the company in relation to major music platforms such as Spotify and Tidal. The brand logo had to be versatile, functional, memorable and scalable as it would be applied over a large spectrum of scenarios (i.e. on merchandise, business cards, banners, billboards etc..)

    Brand identity - Conceptualization

    During the conceptualization stage an aesthetic vocabulary was determined between us and the client in order to ensure that we understood what the client had in mind. Some of the words included in this vocabulary were: ” solid, memorable, premium, African and artistic.” The client also mentioned that they would love the incorporation of an animal that represents Africa within the logo.

    Brand identity - Execution

    We decided to use a lion as the basis from which this logo would be created as we believed a lion best represented Africa as a continent. From here we had to decide how to add the artistic and corporate elements to the logo, this was a bit of a challenge but we made it happen. To define Phenom as a music platform, we decided to add headphones to the logo and to bring the corporate/solid feeling we utilized a monochromatic color scheme with a clean typeface that was both legible and functional enough to serve as an identity mark on its own.

    Development - Web Application

    We were tasked with creating an online music store that was simple enough for everyone to understand and use but powerful enough to rival the biggest and greatest music stores in the market. The Phenom music store was designed and developed with an ultimate user experience in mind. We started by designing a user interface that was familiar enough to not create a steep learning curve but unique enough to differentiate the platform from other platforms. The result is a stunning web application with powerful features.

    Development - Website

    We had to develop two websites to meet the clients brief. The first website is a static website that serves as a reception for everything Phenom. The website had to be both aesthetically pleasing and informative, so we divided the content into sections so as to not bombard the user with information all at once. We then selected a colourful colour palette with bright and vibrant colour combinations to create that aesthetically pleasing look we were aiming for.

    The second website is a dynamic website that aims to provide mixing and mastering services for artists. This website had to not only be aesthetically pleasing and informative but it also had to be functional as well. The first functionality we were tasked with developing was a quote builder which would allow artists to create different quotes tailored for their needs. Attached to that quote builder had to be a payment system which would allow artists to pay for their quoted services.

    Promo video


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    Ready to start a project?

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