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    Client: Phenom Unlimited
    Client CEO: Fumani Mahlale
    Creative Director: Mpumelelo Maphasha
    Assets contributed by: Fauxels, RF Studio


    Sell A Link (SAL) ,a subsidiary of Phenom Unlimited, is a company that aims to fill the gap between digital offerings and tangible products. The idea was envisioned by CEO of the Group company - Fumani Mahlale - after noticing how consumers of music preferred purchasing physical copies over digital versions.

    The main reason behind this was convenience, consumers felt it was more convenient for them to pay cash and receive a copy of the track, mixtape and/or album instantly as compared to having to download an app and creating a profile before they could purchase and download the music for their enjoyment.


    Client Brief

    The client wanted a disruptive brand identity, one that would The client needed numerous deliverables, the first being a brand identity. The client specified that the brand identity had to be compatible with the Phenom Music brand identity and had to share as well as exude the same brand values. These values included: professionalism, minimalism, simplicity, memorability and scalability.

    Secondly, the client wanted us to design a tangible sales system that would help leverage the digital music distribution system we had already built for their company. This system had to be easy to use and easily integrate with the existing workflow of the Phenom Music system.

    Last but not least, the client wanted us to create an explainer video which would be shared with affiliates. This video had to explain what the SAL affiliate program is, how it works and how it would benefit the affiliates.

    Brand identity - Conceptualization

    Before we could start designing a logo, we had to establish an aesthetic dictionary. Luckily for us, the client had already done this for us within their brief. The buzzwords for the logo were: professional, minimal, simple, memorable and scalable. From here we knew that we had to create a logo using a grayscale color palette as this would best represent the aesthetic dictionary the best.

    Brand identity - Execution

    As soon as we were through with conceptualizing the idea, we designed a quick sketch of a square block with the letters S-A-L in it. This would serve as the blueprint from which the final logo would be built from. We pitched this sketch to the client and they loved the simplicity and gave us some feedback. We applied this feedback and ended with a simple yet memorable and scalable logo.

    Explainer video


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    Ready to start a project?

    Let us help you take your business to the next level.

    Book a free discovery session with our Creative Director to discuss how we can help your business reach new heights.


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