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    Client: Don Nardo
    Client CEO: Augustin Riviere
    Creative Director: Mpumelelo Maphasha
    Creative Strategist: Nompumelelo Masia
    Assets contributed by: Fauxels, RF Studio


    Don Nardo is a french luxury cosmetic brand for men. Its main commitment is in the redefinition of what the word “cosmetic” means. The brand aims to challenge the status quo that suggests that the word cosmetic is synonymous with femininity and is culturally irrelevant within the concept of masculinity.


    Client Brief

    The client wanted a disruptive brand identity, one that would completely challenge the norm while remaining luxurious and as minimalistic as possible. The identity also had to combine the cosmetic world with the notion of masculinity, two concepts which would be seen as a paradox in the normatively based modern world.

    The client also wanted to create a different kind of catalogue to promote their cosmetic range, they wanted something unorthodox, alluring and thought provoking. The catalogue also had to maintain the luxury status that the company had worked hard to develop. The client also specified that they would appreciate it if information on how to use these cosmetics could somehow be incorporated into the catalogue design.

    Brand identity - Conceptualization

    Before we started designing the logo, we had to define what masculinity meant within the context of the status quo. This definition would then need to be incorporated in the design of the brand identity and other branding collateral. We also needed to define what the term cosmetic meant within the context of the status quo, this definition would then have to be challenged through the creation of thought provoking messaging elements.

    Brand identity - Execution

    We knew that we would use a monochromatic color scheme as this would create the luxurious feel that the client wanted, we then quickly decided that the gray scale would be the monochromatic color palette which we would utilize as this would fit the definition of masculinity as per our research findings. For the logo, we knew that we would create a typeface logo as this is the norm for the luxury market and we didn’t want to deviate from this aesthetic nuance.

    Messaging - Concept

    We decided that the perfect execution for this case would be a luxury lifestyle magazine for men that was based on the Don Nardo cosmetic range. This magazine would incorporate appealing use cases for the cosmetic range. We would also use this magazine to challenge the status quo surrounding the cosmetic product industry( a status quo that Don Nardo has dedicated its existence to alleviating) – the status quo that stipulates that cosmetics are synonymous with femininity and are culturally irrelevant with the context of masculinity.

    Messaging - Execution

    We started by creating the powerful tagline: “Masculinity redefined.” This tagline would be used to set the theme for the magazine. Every element within the magazine would be used to reinforce this tagline. We then continued to establishing a tonality for the imagery that would be utilized on the magazine, we decided that we would continue to utilize the gray scale as a color scheme for the imagery with an occasional use of color bursts for emphasis. In order to enhance the non-conformative nature of the company, we decided that these color bursts would be solely comprised of colors that aren’t alluded to masculinity by society.


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